Warehouse & Distribution

Our warehouses, your supply chain.

We own warehousing space consisting of approximately 2.95-million square meters in Japan and approximately 2.4-million square meters overseas
Our Distribution Centers cater to a diverse range of strategic needs in warehousing, distribution and international hubs.

Strategic Logistics

Global Logistics

  • We provide you with one-stop logistics services from procurement to sales. Our warehouses control your whole supply chain as your partner.
  • We control management even over a complex worldwide supply chain with our strong network of branches in countries.


We provide high-grade 3PL services as an integrated logistics company. We have an abundance of assets and know-how from long time experience

Tailor-Made and Value-Added Services

  • We provide value-added services for a wide range of distribution processes, including inspections, packing and attaching price labels
  • We control management of all warehousing information on a global scale with the use of IT solutions

Our Warehouse & Distribution service includes

  • Cross Dock
  • Hub
  • PO / SO Management
  • Inventory Management, Visibility, Tracing and Planning
  • Labeling and Sorting
  • Inventory
  • Testing / Quality Control
  • Kitting
  • Non-Resident Stock
  • VMI
  • JIT Deliveries
  • Cash-Flow Improvement
  • Control Tower
  • Picking
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • SCM
  • 3PL
  • Fulfillment Logistics
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • VAS
  • Value Added Service
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